The Person Centered Plan

Once accepted into Autumn’s Dawn, every client’s journey begins with a Person Centered Plan.  The PCP is an empowering experience focusing on the strengths, hopes, and dreams of the client.  The meeting is facilitated by a member of Autumn’s Dawn staff, with the client at the center of the process.  The client chooses when and where to have the meeting and who they would like to invite.  A secondary purpose of the PCP is to build a network of support for the client.  Therefore, each client is encouraged to invite all the important people in his or her life.  A typical PCP lasts about 2 hours, and the end result is a plan of action with clearly defined goals and objectives, to assist the client in reaching their dreams. 

The PCP plays a major role in determining how many hours of support the client needs from Autumn’s Dawn and in which seminars it might be appropriate to participate.  PCPs will be updated at least annually, and in many cases, more frequently.